Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says he "never" felt under pressure en-route to victory in the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton dominated his home race, leading from lights to flag, to take his fourth win from the last five races, and his third in a row at Silverstone - something never done before.

The result also allows him to cut Nico Rosberg's lead in the Drivers' Championship, reducing the gap from 11 points to 4, although with Rosberg's second place under threat for a radio message breach that could yet change.

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"Well I was very, very, very comfortable at the front and there was never a point where I felt like I was under [pressure]..." he replied, when asked if he was concerned he had left his first stop a lap too late.

"I was just watching the times of the guys behind and every time they stepped it up I was able to answer and had more, so in those conditions you don't want to go too early and risk it so it's better to wait an extra lap or so. There's no advantage... There's more risk than there is advantage by going a lap or two earlier, so that's what we did on the inters, made them last as long as possible and there was no real rush to come in.

"I think there were a couple of people coming in at the time and I just waited to see how they did and as soon as they showed good sectors then we decided to move but I don't feel as though I was ever under pressure.

"So a fantastic job from this team, they really have done... You know they've stepped up their game once again and of course we continue to strive for excellence with our reliability but we are pushing these cars to the limits, as is everyone else, and I just say to those guys if they see the result from today hopefully it will encourage them to keep pushing, see if we can get to the next level."

Asked about his relative lack of pace in sector 1 compared to Rosberg, Hamilton insisted he was just taking it carefully and could have gone quicker there if needed.

"At the beginning, [I was] just taking it easy, I had quite an over steery car so just took it easy through the first part and I knew I was quicker in the second and third sectors so I just utilised the time there. Then I had that over steer moment and after that again I continued to take it, take my time. If there was any point where I needed to pick up the pace, there was plenty of pace in there for me in that first sector that I could have picked up, so I would have done that," he added.