Fernando Alonso feels Formula 1 has a tendency to blow smaller discussions out of proportion to distract from the bigger problems he sees in the sport.

The McLaren-Honda driver says he has no problem with the latest debate surrounding the new electronic track limits systems which is making its F1 debut in Hungary this weekend and feels it is the latest talking point which misses the wider picture and the potential changes he feels are needed.

Alonso is an ardent supporter of opening up the technical regulations and bringing back the challenge and excitement F1 cars can create and believes discussions over track limits, kerbs and qualifying format changes are used to pedal the interest in the sport.

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"I think it's okay. I think there has been some debates here and there with the track limits," Alonso said. "It's normal when there it is a very mediate sport.

"Here everything is a mountain, even small things. It's part of the sport and probably something Formula One wants, to keep people talking. Now that the show is not very good, it's good to have some polemics around the races.

"I think it happened in all the races in motor sport, sometimes I see it in touring cars or DTM or MotoGP and they are all over the place or they cut the last chicane and they win and are celebrating with no investigation after the race, nothing."

Despite his frustrations that the talking point of the sport is looking in the wrong direction, Alonso believes the new track limits system is still a positive move for F1 as it accesses the latest technology available.

"I think it's good. This way we don't rely on the marshal or the TV and if it is or is not broadcast at that moment," he said. "I think to have an automatic system is a technology that is there already and it is good to use it in Formula One. We should have the maximum of everything."