Esteban Gutierrez has hit out at Hungarian Grand Prix race winner Lewis Hamilton for the 'not respectful' gesture he made in response to being held up by the Haas driver.

Despite waved blue flags being shown to Gutierrez, the Mexican did not yield to Hamilton until the pair pulled onto the home straight on lap 54, with Hamilton airing his frustration by gesturing towards him as he came through.

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With Gutierrez receiving a five-second time penalty for ignoring blue flags, though Hamilton later admitted he 'may have accidentally wanted to' show his middle finger, he insists it was merely a frustrated wave.

Regardless, when Gutierrez was informed of Hamilton's reaction, he hit out at the championship leader for showing a 'lack of respect', maintaining he was simply trying to let him through in the safest place.

"Not a very respectful move from him I have to say," he said. "I have spoken to him in the past, I think he is respectful he is the world champion, but he shouldn't do these kinds of things he should respect all of the competitors. You never know, maybe in the future I will be fighting a championship with him so he has to respect that.

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Though Hamilton accepts the Hungaroring is a particularly difficult circuit for backmarkers to move out of the way, he says some of the driving standards in this area were suspect during the Budapest race.

"This is a hard track to get out the way, it's got some marbles off line and it wasn't good today in terms of getting through traffic. Some of the drivers were lifting at the most awkward positions where if you went into a corner too quick you might collide, so it was definitely difficult to navigate today but fortunately I did it.

"With Gutierrez he just didn't abide by the flags that I could see were being waved at him. I lost so much time behind him and at the same time I lost so much time behind him but at the same time Nico was catching me. It was really tough but fortunately I eventually got by."