Christian Horner says he will consider raising a discussion about the current set of sporting regulations after criticising the enforcement of a penalty on Jenson Button in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

With the debate over team-to-driver radio communications hitting the headlines in recent weeks following a post-race penalty for Nico Rosberg in the British Grand Prix, the FIA revised the controversial rules ahead of the Budapest event to better clarify what can and cannot be permitted.

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Amongst the changes - seen by many as a firmer clampdown to prevent different interpretations -, teams were informed that a driver must pit or retire its car if it encounters a problem that can be fixed with assistance from the team.

With Button suffering hydraulics issues in Hungary - causing his brake pedal to go to the floor -, the team scrambled to inform him of how to fix it as he slipped back to last position. Though Button got back up to speed, he was duly handed a drive-through penalty as a result.

With the McLaren-Honda driver - who has otherwise supported the shift towards restricting radio communications - airing his fury over the 'stupid' penalty, he received support from Red Bull team principal Horner, who says he may raise it at this week's Strategy Group meeting.

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"I think we need a common sense rule... but probably in Formula One that doesn't exist," he replied whether the regulations need a re-think. "It's like the radio situation today with Jenson Button. I haven't seen what was said or reported but I think we're over regulating and making it too complicated for the fans.

"You need to keep it simple that a casual viewer can tune in and pick up what's going on without over-regulating."

Horner words come after Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen each expressed their growing frustration with the direction of F1 in relation to the regulations, with the latter describing them as 'a joke'.

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