Pirelli has opted to go against its trend of picking softer tyres in the expanded three compound option this year by adopting the hard tyres for Interlagos, while the ultra-soft gets a final outing in Abu Dhabi.

The F1 tyre manufacturer has largely picked a softer option with the new tyre rules, allowing Pirelli to offer three compounds over a race weekend rather than the previous two, but for the Brazilian Grand Prix the orange-banded hard tyre has been selected along with the yellow softs and white mediums.

Pirelli has also confirmed the tyre selection for the 2016 finale in Abu Dhabi and has reverted to trend by opting for the new purple-banded ultra-soft compounds along with the red super-softs and yellows softs.

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The 2016 regulations state tyre nominations by each team for long-haul events must be made 14 weeks in advance.

With the full season of tyre allocations confirmed, it shows a consistent split in tyre options with the middle trio of ulta-softs, softs and mediums being picked for 11 races, while the ultra-softs and hard tyres were allocated for five races each.