Nico Rosberg has revealed the 'Aeroscreen' interpretation of a cockpit protection device could still be a consideration for the future but feels the preferred 'Halo' is the right choice to ensure a 2017 introduction.

Rosberg has been one the most vocal supporters for the so-called 'Halo' concept, the 2016 F1 title contender being joined by the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo in advocating for its introduction in 2017.

However, after Vettel revealed support for it was '90-95 per cent' in favour by drivers during a recent presentation, ahead of the German Grand Prix he went on to express surprise at there being opposition since.

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With a key meeting of the Strategy Group set to take place at Hockenheim to more formally determine opinion amongst teams, Rosberg reveals he has lobbied Toto Wolff to ensure Mercedes gets behind it.

"I have had discussions with Toto and I have told him my arguments and he has understood them. The rest is not in my control and I hope they vote for the Halo. It is touch and go I think.

"The large majority [of drivers] are definitely for the halo," he continued. "Very large majority. We had the presentation from the FIA. And you can only be for it. I understand people who will see that...critics, people who have something against the Halo, I understand that the purist and things like that, but nevertheless it is the right thing to do."

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Going forward, however, Rosberg admits the Red Bull-developed Aeroscreen - which made a brief appearance during the Russian Grand Prix - could be a solution in the future, but not until it has been fully developed.

"Long term it is an option but for next year it is totally ruled out. For now the best solution is Halo. But definitely they know that long term there is further development that can be done to make it even better. For example, adding a screen to it and things like that."

Wolff revealed during the Hungarian Grand Prix that he was yet to decide which way he will vote but says he will base his decision solely on the safety benefits available.

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