Kimi Raikkonen wants F1 race stewards to provide all drivers with consistency in how rules are applied race-by-race and fears if similar issues spark up which were seen in Hungary there could be a completely different decision.

Raikkonen blasted Max Verstappen for swerving in front of him during the Hungarian Grand Prix and was unhappy that the race stewards didn't look into the incidents, let alone apply any form of action.

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Despite accepting the incident and looking to move on, Raikkonen has demanded consistent calls from those in charge but is concerned with different race stewards at each race different decisions will be made, making it unclear what is right and wrong.

"The thing is these decisions are very different from race to race, also because we have different stewards every time and it's in the human nature that people look at the same thing in different ways," Raikkonen said. "My opinion hasn't changed. It is what it is and it's fine. I've nothing against it, but it should always be the case for similar decisions."

As well as his clash with Verstappen, Raikkonen also picked out the controversy surrounding the 107% qualifying rule and Nico Rosberg's pole position at the Hungaroring.

The Mercedes driver improved his lap time despite going through double waved yellow flags sectors to take pole. The German was investigated by the stewards but was cleared of any wrongdoing, much to the confusion of his rivals regarding the rule application.

"In all the things, not just what happened with Max and me last weekend. What happened in qualifying, with the 107 per cent rule and also with the double yellow flag rule," he said. "I'm not saying this because I want to qualify one place up because of another drivers' penalty.

"It's purely because it's not correct that certain things should be treated always the same way and that's why we have rules. It's as simple as that and it's very hard to imagine getting pole position with a double yellow flag. The rule says that you have to be ready to stop - it's hard to explain to people how you manage to qualify on top with that."

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"Like I said, it's not going to change anything but for the future it would be much better for all of us if it would be always the same way of looking into things, similar penalties for similar things. There's not much we drivers can do to change things but hopefully, sometime, things will improve and be more even all the time."