Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have criticised Max Verstappen for his actions while defending from Kimi Raikkonen in Hungary, with the British driver going as so far to call it 'the most dangerous thing you can do' in F1.

Verstappen has come under fire for his blocking tactics against Raikkonen while battling for fifth place at the Hungaroring, with the Ferrari driver finding two allies in Alonso and Button.

Despite Raikkonen's complaints over the team radio about Verstappen's actions race stewards judged the incidents as fair having not opted to investigate the clashes in which the Finn took avoiding action while losing part of his front wing in the process.

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Both McLaren drivers felt Verstappen changed direction twice under braking, moves branded as dangerous, and have blasted the Red Bull driver for his actions.

"I think it was illegal [Verstappen's moves], yes," Alonso said. "You are allowed to move once and commit to whatever you need to do. You can choose to brake on the clean side, the dirty side, on the inside, on the outside, you are allowed to do whatever you think is best to defend your position.

"You are allowed to move once and not two or three times. That is not an opinion, it's just the rule. If you take the ball with the hands outside the area it is a penalty and a red card, it's nothing more."

"As drivers, we all know that moving in the braking zone is the most dangerous thing you can do," Button added. "Because the guy [following] is at 300 km/h and probably hasn't hit the brakes yet. Braking is a no-no and he obviously did move in the braking zone, so I can understand Kimi's frustration."

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Alonso has echoed Raikkonen's comments about the inconsistency from race stewards at each round and feels it is a wider problem which F1 is currently facing.

"That's Formula One and the good and the bad about this sport," Alonso said. "It is very inconsistent what the rules are, and this, after a very boring race in Hungary, we are four days after and still talking about this movement and the yellow flags."