Sergio Perez says it is becoming frustrating to see rules and regulations changing from race-to-race following a raft of amendments and enforcements in recent events.

Ahead of the German Grand Prix, a meeting of the Strategy Group has led to the controversial Halo being deferred to 2018, while changes to yellow flag rulings are in place after calls for clarification after Hungary and a back down on the team communication restrictions following criticism in Great Britain and again Hungary.

For Perez, he says the constant tweaking is making it difficult to adapt either way, pointing out that while sometimes change is needed there shouldn't be too many regardless.

"When you start the season with something then they change it, I feel that sometimes all of the preparation that you've done, all the hard work that you've done to get it perfect, now you're back to normal, and it's the same for everyone. I just don't like too many changes throughout the year you know?"

The Force India driver went on to say he was frustrated to learn track limits would continue to be enforced over the Hockenheimring weekend - at the tricky turn one right-hander - having initially been told they wouldn't be. T1 track limits were exceeded 93 times in FP1.

"With track limits in the morning we were told we could use all of the track limits, and in the afternoon we couldn't into Turn 1 so it's something to look after and make sure that it's consistent.

"I think whatever happens we just need consistency, it's not good for the drivers or teams to have that uncertainty of what's going on."