Carlos Sainz says he is hopeful F1 drivers' views are being taken into consideration by the FIA following a lengthy briefing with Race Director Charlie Whiting to discuss a variety of issues.

On the weekend that has seen the controversial Halo deferred to 2018, track limits reinforced, changes to yellow flag rulings and a back down on the team communication restrictions, the briefing was a chance for drivers to express their opinion on some of the changes.

Sainz admits there were some mixed opinions, touching on some disappointments that the Halo cockpit protection device has been delayed for a year, while he says the 'zero tolerance' on track limits at the tricky Turn 1 has raised concern.

Regardless, the Toro Rosso driver - speaking to the media after the briefing - remains hopeful drivers are being considered in the decision making processes and their voices being heard.

"We gave our opinion and we gave our point of view, now they go back and decide, and they do whatever they think is correct to do, but it's not like we've taken many conclusions or many decisions together.

"We talked about many things, everything you can imagine. We talked about it, it was definitely a very long meeting, but I don't know how much they will listen to us or take into their consideration our point of view, or how much of a difference it will make, hopefully it helps and at least it takes the driver's view into consideration."

Discussing the Halo, Sainz says he believes 80 per cent of drivers are in favour and he feels the drivers should be incorporated into whether it gets the final green light or not after track trials.

"If I had to put a bet on now, I would say 80 per cent are in favour, maybe 10% are I don't know and maybe 10% are totally against. But what is clear I think is that every driver should try it or should run it before 2017. Every driver should give an opinion and then basically a vote between drivers after running the Halo.

"I think this is the most common sense thing to do, even though at the end they probably don't take into consideration our vote, which is probably what's going to happen. But at least I think every driver should get a chance to run it and give an opinion on it."