Fernando Alonso has expressed his frustration at the FIA's method of tweaking regulations and rules mid-season - occasionally mid-weekend - following a raft of revisions in recent races, saying such constant change is 'not normal'.

The 2005 and 2006 F1 world champion has long been an outspoken critic of the current regulation set but has become particularly frustrated with the various amendments and u-turns that have become headline news in recent races.

Indeed, ahead of the this weekend's German Grand Prix, decisions have been taken to defer the 'Halo' to 2018, reinforce track limits, make changes to yellow flag rulings and back down on the team communication restrictions.

It is a constant modification that Alonso feels is creating unnecessary confusion, revealing he needs constant reminders before races to keep up with the changes.

"Definitely it is not the normal way for our sport to keep changing rules - most of the time we go back to what we had two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago... We are always in a loop and from a driver point of view, we just try to be on the side of all these changes because we don't make them and we don't have these decisions in our hands.

"We just wait, listen to the engineers, the teams, what we are allowed to do, not allowed to do every session, every qualifying, every race and then we go. The race will be more or less the same thing - we will finish the strategy meeting and ask can they remind us what we can say, what we cannot say, what we are allowed to do and that has been more or less the same thing for the last three or four months because they keep changing all the time.

Looking forward, though Alonso stops short of delegating more control to drivers, he has urged more consistency from the powers that be.

"Hopefully, now, we can find some consistency but, for us, it is not a problem because it is our job but for the fans and the viewers it would be nice to have some consistency