Lewis Hamilton insists there is no extra pressure to race 'cleanly' alongside Nico Rosberg as they prepare to start alongside one another in Mercedes' home German Grand Prix.

The title rivals have come under close scrutiny after a series of comings together this year, most notably in Spain - an incident that saw both drivers retire - and in Austria when they collided on the final lap.

With Mercedes deciding against issuing team orders in favour of strengthening its 'Rules of Engagement', there is suggestion the drivers will be warned to ensure no controversies on home soil at the Hockenheimring.

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However, Hamilton - who starts second behind pole sitter and team-mate Nico Rosberg - insists this race is no different to any other in terms of approach.

"We're paid to do a job and every weekend is exactly the same, whether or not the bosses or there or not. There's been races where the bosses have been there and they've walked away super unhappy and there's been times, hopefully more often than not, where they've arrived and we've done the job well and they've been happy.

"I'm going to drive as I always have in my life. Me and Nico and the team, we've obviously discussed and learnt from things in the past so I don't see the race being an issue for either of us."

Indeed, Mercedes boss Wolff reiterates Hamilton's words, insisting the message to the drivers is no different or stricter than it would be anywhere else.

"Because everything is televised to millions of people, it is almost like every race is the same and I doesn't get much worse than in Barcelona, where the [Mercedes] board was present and we had to answer the question after 60 seconds 'what are we doing for the next 90mins?'... So I wouldn't say there is extra pressure as its pretty much the same everywhere."