Kimi Raikkonen says Ferrari was simply 'not fast enough' in the German Grand Prix as he followed team-mate Sebastian Vettel home in a distant sixth place at the Hockenheimring.

On a weekend that has seen Ferrari struggle to get the measure of Red Bull, Raikkonen dropped a spot off the start line to sixth behind Vettel, where he would remain until the end of the race.

Crossing the line 37secs behind race winner Lewis Hamilton, Raikkonen - who retains fourth in the standings behind Daniel Ricciardo - says he cannot be pleased with the lacklustre result.

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"We were just not fast enough - it was as simple as that, unfortunately. It wasn't too bad when we had fresh tyres, but they wore off quite quickly and that's about it...

"We had different plans before the race and we tried to choose the best ones. We were expecting the tyres to last a bit better but that was a bit tricky. We would lose out the front tyres or the rear tyres quickly depending on what we were doing in the pit stops, but we really need more downforce to go faster and that will also make a big difference for the tyre life.

"Here tyre degradation was not a strong point for us, we were lacking overall speed too. There were moments during the race in which we could be very strong but they didn't last long enough. We need to find the tools for that."

With Red Bull leapfrogging Ferrari for second in the constructors' reckoning, Raikkonen retains fourth in the drivers' reckoning but is now just two and seven points clear of Vettel and Max Verstappen.