Esteban Gutierrez says he is surprised to be called out for his conduct when being lapped for the second race in succession after Daniel Ricciardo criticised him for not letting him by sooner during the German Grand Prix.

The Mexican made headlines last week after declaring that Lewis Hamilton was 'disrespectful' for gesturing at him during the Hungarian Grand Prix as the championship leader made his feelings known about being delayed through blue flags.

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However, he has once again come under fire after Red Bull's Ricciardo sarcastically commented on the team radio during the German Grand Prix that Gutierrez was 'one of his favourites' as he attempted to pass. Indeed, though the Australian says he has no personal issue with the Haas driver, his feels prior feedback hasn't been heeded.

"On the track just lately, it's come up the last few races that a few of us haven't been that impressed with the blue flags. We've discussed it in drivers' meetings. I've been in the position and I know it sucks, it sucks to move out of the line and let the leaders through - but it seems particularly the last three races in a row... everyone is doing an OK job and it seems like he's doing a less good job than the others.

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"I was trying to say it as politely as possible. I think because he's been told already, he knows that a few aren't that impressed with his blue flag handling. I thought by now the message would have gone through but for me at least today... I lost more time behind him than anyone else."

However, Gutierrez, who went on to finish 11th, says he is perplexed by the negative feedback and has vowed to 'make things better'.

"I'm surprised," he said. "I saw he was behind, but he was pretty far away at that point, and at some point I really lifted and I lost around two seconds.

"I did my best. It was not my intention to block or anything. If he is not comfortable with it, I will try to speak to him and make things better. It's not my intention to do anything bad to anyone. I will speak to him."

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