Haas F1 team boss Guenther Steiner has come to the defence of his driver Esteban Gutierrez after he came under fire for run-ins with Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo in two consecutive weekends over conduct under blue flags.

Gutierrez hit the headlines after the Hungarian Grand Prix when he labelled championship leader 'disrespectful' for his gesture towards Gutierrez, indicating his frustration at not being allowed past more easily under waved blue flags.

However, Gutierrez was then called out again in Germany, this time by Daniel Ricciardo, who sarcastically commented he was 'one of my favourites' over the team radio as he came up behind to lap him.

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With a frustrated Gutierrez contesting he is not intentionally trying to be disruptive, Steiner backed up his driver by saying he is 'normally the best guy to get out of the way' and that front runners need to be more sympathetic to their plight.

"I know there was a call and he tried to get out of it, he said. "Last week he got five-second penalty, my opinion is the stewards reacted to a gesture Lewis made.

We looked at the data and a lap before him Magnussen, I think it was... there was two tenths of a second difference. Lapping two tenths of a second is a very short period of time and that guy didn't get a five-second penalty.

"I don't think he's as bad as they think, but once you get one penalty for sure now Ricciardo was pissed because he couldn't get past him. But they have to realise one day they will be lapped and then they will [see] how they feel about it. If somebody says you need to get out of the way, you cannot just jump away.

"It's like 'oh he's the worst guy at it' just the second time he does it. I think it's the opposite, normally he's the best guy to get out of the way. Now he was just unlucky twice not to give someone fresh air all of a sudden when they want it, so for sure he jumps on it.

"Would it have changed anything for Ricciardo? I don't know, I guess no. The world is not perfect, live with it. For sure if he had lost a position, I understand he is pissed, but how many seconds was he behind?"

Gutierrez is yet to score a point in 2016, his first season of F1 since he left Sauber at the end of 2014.