Kimi Raikkonen has welcomed the decision to open up the regulations regarding track limits, arguing that anyone who runs too wide will be losing time anyway.

On a German Grand Prix weekend that saw the controversial Halo deferred to 2018, track limits reinforced, changes to yellow flag rulings and a back down on the team communication restrictions, several drivers are calling for consistency in the decisions to stop so many mid-season changes.

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Despite this, Raikkonen claims to be happier with the latest changes, saying track limits should be opened up because a small infringement does not ultimately make much of a difference.

"I think certain things, like the track limits, makes no difference for me - in the end if you're half a metre wider or something, it doesn't matter. If you run out too wide you're going to end up losing too much lap time.

"What's the point looking if one guy is 20 cm wider because, in the end, it will not decide anything and there are a lot of pointless complaints, this and that?"

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Similarly, Raikkonen is pleased the radio communications clampdown has been scrapped in a move that he feels will be beneficial for safety.

"In the end we go from one end to the other, so I think it's OK now. In a way it's better, as I understand some of the restrictions we had but nobody can understand that if you have an issue with the brakes - overheating or something - and even if we had a warning on the dash, we may not see it or it may not be working, those kind of communications shouldn't be punished

"If something happens with the brakes, we as drivers should now and the team should be allowed to tell us. I think it's OK now but it's not going to change the end result of the races. Plus, for the people watching on TV, they can hear more, which is nice."

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