Kevin Magnussen says he can be 'fairly happy' with his season thus far despite admitting it is difficult to demonstrate his full potential in the uncompetitive Renault.

The former McLaren driver returned to the F1 fold this season after securing a late deal with the revived Renault outfit , but both he and team-mate Jolyon Palmer have struggled to mount a challenge beyond the mid-field.

As it stands, Magnussen has only cracked the points on one occasion this season - with a storming drive to seventh in the Russian Grand Prix - but he feels the car's lack of pace is masking his own potential.

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Indeed, though Magnussen admits he has made errors this year, he insists he has committed 'miracles' too.

"I feel fairly happy [with my season so far]," he said. "I'm never satisfied because I always feel I can do better. I always feel I can improve. I've made a few mistakes but I also feel I've made a few miracles and that's kind of what I expected."

Indeed, though Magnussen admits there is some frustration at Renault's current struggles, he is motivated at the prospect of longer-term gains.

"It's difficult not to be racing for points. If you're racing in P16 and P15, chasing someone down and even if you do get him and overtake him - you're working so hard to overtake him and you still don't get points. It is a very frustrating and challenging time but I know what I'm working towards.

"You can always motivate yourself by thinking about next year and the year after that, just thinking about the future and try to learn as much as possible and prepare for when you get the chance because that's how Formula One is, suddenly you're in a car that can win and you have to deliver. So learning and preparing yourself for that time is what I'm doing now."