Fernando Alonso says Formula 1 must be willing to allow more freedom to drivers and teams to improve the spectacle of Formula 1, remarking that painting each car black would make them indistinguishable at the moment.

Alonso is one of only four drivers on the current grid to have previously raced in each of the V10, V8 and V6 Hybrid eras of F1, but the Spaniard has been a staunch critic of the latter for a format that puts more emphasis on frugality.

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Claiming that such stringent aero and engine rules have impacted on the excitement of the racing, the McLaren-Honda driver says he would like to see more flexibility afforded to teams to allow them to take more chances.

"A little bit more freedom for the teams, the drivers, relaxing a little bit everything will be good, like it has been always in F1," he said. "I think the teams had the possibility to choose the weight distribution, to choose their own cambers and tyre pressures, their own philosophy of rear wing or even six wheels on a car!

"Now if you painted all the cars black you would not know which team is that car. The cars look similar, but just different colours because the rules are quite strict. We need to make the car like this, with this width, this height and everything. It is a little bit strange.

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The 2005 and 2006 champion adds that it is a philosophy that stretches to drivers, saying 'you are allowed to breathe and not much more'.

"It's the same for the drivers, if we had a little bit more freedom to race and less penalties. We have to do the same thing at the same time at the same hour and if you don't do one of these things you have to go to the stewards and you will have a penalty - a time penalty, a reprimand, points ...

"It doesn't matter if you are five minutes late to the briefing or if you go five minutes late to the autograph session. You are allowed to breathe and not much more."

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