Lewis Hamilton will start the Belgian Grand Prix towards the back of the grid after Mercedes officially confirmed he will take his foreseen engine penalty at Spa-Francorchamps.

Following a poor run of reliability at the start of the season, Hamilton was always likely to take on an engine change outside of his allocation coming into the second-half of the season.

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However, while many had expected him to take the hit at Monza, Mercedes has opted to instead change his engine ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Though Mercedes haven't revealed specific details about the strategy for the engine change, it means Hamilton will start close to the back of the grid, if not in last place.

Despite the setback, Hamilton is confident it won't stutter his run of momentum having notched up six wins the last seven races.

"Naturally, we already discussed engine penalties before, so that will come into play for sure, but I'll do everything I can to minimise the impact it will have. Otherwise, beyond the penalty that I'll take, I think that I'll be able to continue the momentum that I had before the break.

The three-time F1 champion also dismissed the suggestion he shouldn't be personally penalised for 'team problems'.

"It's a team sport, so we win it and lose it together as a team. Whether I make a mistake and the team takes a penalty for it, or the team make a mistake - and, sometimes, it's not actually a mistake, it's just that kind of thing that happens.

"I just look at it as a growing experience for us because we've learned from the issues that have happened and hopefully it won't happen to us again. It's just unfortunate that I'm the test mouse or whatever you want to call it that have tested all of these issues as obviously none of the other Mercedes engines have had the problems I've had."

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