Mercedes has confirmed Lewis Hamilton will take at least 30 positions worth of penalties for the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend.

The championship leader received a new MGU-H ahead of FP1 that takes him outside of his allowed allocation, landing him a 10 place grid penalty. Together with a new Turbo Charger, ICE and MGU-K, Hamilton has accumulated 15 positions worth of grid penalties.

The decision was then taken to fit another new power unit for FP2 to increase his pool of allocated engines, adding another 15 positions worth of penalties.

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There is also speculation that Mercedes could add another power unit for FP3, changes that should take him to the end of the season without incurring more penalties.

As it stands, Hamilton would start ahead of Fernando Alonso, who has suffered 35 positions worth of grid penalties after an engine change though this could yet change.

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