Kimi Raikkonen says Max Verstappen will cause a 'massive accident' if stewards do not act on his driving conduct after the pair came into contact for the second time in three races.

In a fraught, incident-packed race for the Finn, Raikkonen was in the midst of recovering ground following a turn one collision with Verstappen and Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel, when he attempted to pass the Red Bull driver on the run to Les Combes.

However, having used DRS to get ahead around the outside, Verstappen would brake late to dive back up the inside forcing the Ferrari driver across the run-off. Attempting a similar pass on the next revolution, Raikkonen says he was forced to brake after the Dutchman moved late to defend the line, a tactic the 2007 world champion slammed as unsafe.

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"I'm completely fine with good, hard racing but if I had to back off and even brake on the run down to Turn 5, still on the straight when I had [already] made my move... [sic] as he moved afterwards, something is not correct."

Indeed, Raikkonen admits he is perplexed that stewards chose not to investigate the incident, contesting that Verstappen will cause a 'massive accident' if he is not punished.

"For whatever reasons, the stewards think it's OK, but if I had not braked we would have had a massive accident. I'm sure it will happen, sooner or later, if this doesn't change. It will be interesting to see when something will happen who's to blame... Like I said, I'm fine with good racing and hard battles but in that situation it was not correct, in my view.

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Coming after Raikkonen slammed stewards for failing to act on Verstappen when they came together in Hungary, the Finn hints he will be mentioning his rival during the driver briefing at Monza in a few days' time.

"Obviously there are always different opinions from everybody. It doesn't change an awful lot, maybe he needs an accident before things become clearer to everybody - hopefully not.

"Obviously nobody wants to see anybody get hurt. Like I said, I'm fine with racing and fighting hard, but something like that should not be correct, in my view. But there are always different opinions from different people, so let's see."

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