Nico Hulkenberg has laughed off his 'incident' with Fernando Alonso in the pit lane during the Belgian Grand Prix, branding their side-by-side action as 'racing, what we all want to see'.

On a hugely successful day for the Force India team as Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez's run to fourth and fifth place saw the Silverstone-based outfit ascend to a new peak of fourth in the constructors' standings, the German was nonetheless fortunate to avoid damage in contact with Alonso at the end of the pit-lane.

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Prompted when Alonso was released into the path of Hulkenberg at their second stop, the pair went side-by-side and made brief contact as they rounded the tight hairpin exit with the Force India driver holding position.

Despite the impact, Hulkenberg was dismissive of any perceived controversy, saying it was racing 'we all want to see'

"I wouldn't call it an incident, that's just racing," he said. "It's what we all want to see. There's no complaints from my side just good racing."

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Alonso, meanwhile, was more disappointed with the clash but says beating Hulkenberg to the end of the pit lane would have been futile because he wouldn't have been able to keep his rival behind.

"In the pits with Hulkenberg it was tight. I left him a lot of room to avoid any penalty for unsafe release, but at the end of the pit lane there was no room for the two of us, I had to lift a bit and that was a shame. But I wouldn't have been able to keep him behind, so, in the end, it was better he stayed ahead and pulled away immediately. "

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