Toto Wolff says Max Verstappen's recent surge through the ranks in F1 reminds him of Ayrton Senna and has called him 'refreshing but dangerous' after his latest on-track clashes.

After coming under pressure for bold defensive driving against Kimi Raikkonen in Hungary, the pair once again tangled but this time at the La Source hairping in Spa while Sebastian Vettel was also involved.

Both Verstappen and Raikkonen sustained damage while Vettel was tapped into a spin and as a result all three drivers saw their races severely compromised.

Verstappen and Raikkonen once again found themselves batting for position later on during the Belgian Grand Prix with a couple of hairy moments initially at Les Combes before again coming close down the Kemmel straight with the pair narrowly avoiding a high-speed crash.

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Mercedes team principal Wolff was asked his view on Verstappen after the race and despite conceding the turn one clash ultimately aided his team's charge to a double podium he feels a warning should be heeded to help avoid potentially bigger incidents in the future.

"He is refreshing for me. He is a young boy that I like a lot and he comes in here with no fear and no respect and puts his elbows out," Wolff said. "He reminds me of the great drivers, he reminds me of Lewis and of Ayrton Senna.

"You can clearly see some guys around him are starting to think twice on how to overtake him. Until now all that has proven he is on the right track.

"The FIA has not penalised him, the only thing is that he was being given a hard time in some of the driver briefings and he is going to have an even harder time in the next one.

"I just fear that it might end up in the wall one day. As much as we like it, he is refreshing but he is also dangerous."