Kevin Magnussen has been cleared to take part in the Italian Grand Prix after passing FIA medical checks at Monza after his scary shunt at Spa last weekend.

The Renault driver was involved in a nasty crash going up Eau Rouge on lap six of the Belgian Grand Prix when he made heavy contact with the barriers before being sent into a spin.

Despite being able to climb out of his stricken Renault the Danish driver was badly limping away from the accident and was taken to a local hospital for routine checks.

Yesterday Magnussen confirmed he was feeling 'much better' and ready to race but had to pass the FIA medical checks at Monza. These have now been completed and the medical staff are sufficiently satisfied the Renault driver is fit enough for the Italian Grand Prix.

Speaking in the F1 drivers' press conference at Monza, Magnussen says he didn't suffered any breaks or serious injuries and only required some rest and relaxation before being ready for this weekend.

"I have just relaxed. Nothing was broken, I wasn't injured so just a bit sore in my body and I didn't need to do anything special," Magnussen said. "No special treatments or anything. Yeah, just took a couple of days at home and ready for the next race."

Earlier this year, Fernando Alonso failed an FIA medical check in Bahrain after suffering from his injuries from his massive shunt with Esteban Gutierrez in Australia and was forced to sit out the second race of the season.

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