Kimi Raikkonen insists his recent on and off track spats with Max Verstappen are 'not personal' as he instead turned his criticism towards stewards for failing to react to what he considered to be reckless driving by the youngster.

Having already been riled by a boisterous tussle with Verstappen during the Hungarian Grand Prix, the pair came to blows again in Belgium as the 18 year-old attempted to keep Raikkonen behind him at Les Combes on two consecutive laps.

Angry at Verstappen's aggressive defence, Raikkonen went on to claim after the race that the Spanish Grand Prix race winner could 'cause a massive accident' if officials don't warn him about his driving .

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Reconvening in the paddock only a few days later for the Italian Grand Prix, Raikkonen toned down his critique of Verstappen during the Monza press call, even going as far as praising his talent. However, he feels there is work to be done by the stewards to take a stance and exhibit more consistency in their rulings.

"I think it is quite clear, sometimes it is not correct what happens on circuit but I think the biggest problem is that it is not always the same," he said. "I think as a driver it is a bit up and down and it could be improved. Personally I have nothing against Max, he is doing a good job and is fast, it is not personal. In my feeling it was not correct if you have to slow down or brake at full speed but those things are never-ending discussions.

When asked whether he has brought his grievances up during driver briefings, Raikkonen replied 'it has been discussed many times at different drivers' meetings but it is still not sorted".

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Raikkonen did however dismiss Verstappen's claims in the Dutch media that he and Sebastian Vettel should be 'ashamed' for their statements, saying 'it is not the place to be acting silly'.

"Everybody is allowed to say what they feel. Like I said before I have nothing personal against him there are just certain things in my eyes are not correct.

"If somebody says during the race that he does something because of what happened in the first corner and it is payback I don't think it is correct to doing this and paying back certain things that can end up in a very bad way. People make mistakes and it will happen to all of us but we have to accept it. It is not the place to be acting silly and paying back for something."

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