Max Verstappen feels there is no reason for him to change his driving style despite the backlash from Spa as he feels it was justified after the race stewards deemed the incidents not worthy of penalties.

The Red Bull driver was involved in a first corner clash with both Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel which compromised all three of their races in Spa.

Despite battling back, Verstappen locked horns with Raikkonen later on in the Belgian Grand Prix in two separate incidents with the pair narrowly avoiding another collision.

Since then both Ferrari drivers have criticised both Verstappen and the race stewards for not reviewing the incidents, while the majority of F1 drivers have been calling for consistency from stewards.

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Verstappen is keen to put Spa in the past and refocus at Monza this weekend but feels he doesn't need to change his approach to on-track battles having not incurred any penalties from the incidents last weekend.

"To be honest for me Spa is done," Verstappen said. "I think in general it was a great weekend, I enjoyed it a lot. Especially to see so many fans coming to the track with the orange colours it was amazing to see. So for me what happened in the race can happen sometimes but I just focus ahead to Monza.

"I think in turn 1 was very unfortunate but afterwards I had some good fights again. There were no penalties given so I think there is no reason to change something. I think it was all pretty clear. I just focus ahead and try to push again and just do my thing and show my driving style like it was before."

Verstappen is likely to come under question at the F1 drivers' briefing on Friday night with both Ferrari drivers expressing their desire to get the rules clarified and consistent.

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