No mention of Max Verstappen was made during the driver briefing for the Italian Grand Prix despite the furore prompted by a driving style some rivals deem to be too aggressive.

The Dutchman was lambasted by Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel after the Belgian Grand Prix for his tactics, notably his movement in the braking zone against Raikkonen both in Spa and two races earlier in Hungary.

However, while Verstappen was reportedly discussed after the Hungarian incident in Germany, no mention was made during the regular driver briefing in Monza.

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Suggesting it is a situation that has been diffused in the wake of talks between Verstappen and FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting, his former Toro Rosso team-mate revealed there is no desire amongst drivers to put him on the spot as an individual.

"No, they discussed it between Sebastian and Kimi, who were only two who had a problem with Max. The others we had no real objections."

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"The problem is that journalists and fans keep thinking us drivers have a problem with Max. I don't have a problem with Max, as he has done nothing to me.

"Maybe Kimi has, or Seb. The only problem I have is with the FIA, the consistency of the penalties applied in the last two years I have been in F1. Why sometimes running wide a car off track is a 10-second penalty and why sometimes it is not even a black and white flag.

"Every time we have a different human being as a steward there will be a different decision or different point of view."

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