Kimi Raikkonen feels Ferrari got the "maximum" from its home Italian Grand Prix, and adds he expected Mercedes to be "even stronger".

Mercedes dominated the weekend, and while the Scuderia again had to settle for 'best of the rest' in the race, as it had in qualifying, this time the gap wasn't quite so big. Indeed it was actually smaller than it had been twelve months ago at Monza, with team-mate, Sebastian Vettel taking third, 20.9s adrift off the winner, Nico Rosberg, and Raikkonen fourth, 6.6secs further back.

Quizzed on the race and if Ferrari should have also considered a one-stop strategy - like Rosberg and second-place finisher, Lewis Hamilton, Raikkonen replied that for them two stops was the better way to go.

"No, I think it [running supersoft-supersoft-soft] was the fastest way from start-to-finish for us, but unfortunately it wasn't enough for better results today," Raikkonen explained. "But at least we kind of gave them [Mercedes] something to think about. Personally, I expected them to be even stronger in the race.

"So, I think in a way it was okay. Obviously third and fourth is not what we are looking for, but that is what we got. We did our maximum."

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As for the battle with Vettel, Raikkonen almost got ahead after the first stops, but there after never looked like getting third.

"With Sebastian we were more or less driving behind each other and when you race against your teammate there's not much that you can do, we both know what the other guy is going to do," he added.

"After the start it was a bit tricky and I got close after the first pit stop, but then he was able to pull away."

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Meanwhile, Raikkonen was cagey on Ferraris prospects going to Singapore later this month, scene of the Scuderia's last win.

"Obviously the last few weekends it looks like we have been going in the right direction again. We have to keep that up and keep doing our maximum and then see what it brings. The last couple of weekends have been a completely different story between the teams and also speed-wise, so who knows what comes next," he concluded.

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