Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner says he saw no change in Max Verstappen's approach during the Italian Grand Prix after the youngster's driving was brought sharply into focus by rival criticism ahead of the Monza event.

Verstappen received widespread criticism from other drivers for his tactics whilst defending positions during the Belgian Grand Prix, prompting FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting to give him a 'soft' warning about his conduct at the following round.

With Verstappen going on to enjoy a controversy-free race day in Italy, albeit hampered by a poor start that forced him to fight back from a low of 11th to finish seventh, Horner says his low key race is no indication that he was holding back in the wake of criticism.

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"He drove a very good race, made some very good overtaking moves particularly on Sergio Perez, I don't think his approach has been any different today than the other races that he's done.

"I haven't seen any effect on him at all, obviously he takes it all on board, he's a young guy that's going through different experiences and growing and learning.

"Like any 18-year-old it's water off a ducks back, he's focused on his racing, he is who he is and he's just getting on with it and he's not changing just because someone says he should."

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