Daniel Ricciardo feels Max Verstappen needs to be given time to mature and grow, quipping even he is 'still immature' at 27 in his sixth consecutive F1 campaign.

Speaking after the race at Spa, where Verstappen came under heavy fire from Kimi Raikkonen for overt defending which saw the pair narrowly avoid high-speed contact, Ricciardo supported his Red Bull team-mate and understands how the Dutch youngster wants to make his mark at the sharp-end.

Ricciardo, who enjoyed a similar rapid rise in F1 after graduating to Red Bull after two seasons with Toro Rosso, is certain his 18-year-old team-mate will eventually settle over the rest of the year.

"It's probably just age coming out, I know when I was - I mean I'm still immature - but at that age you're going through a lot and you're growing up from a boy to a man, you want to be your own man," Ricciardo said. "So when someone tells you to do something I think your natural reaction is to oppose it."

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"I think it's just a bit of that coming out and maybe a bit of frustration after the race, I don't expect it to change night and day this weekend, perhaps it will just be refined over the course of the season."

After accepting Red Bull achieved its maximum at the high speed Monza having finished behind both Ferraris, Ricciardo is aiming to strikeback in Singapore where the tight and twisty circuit should favour the Renault-powered RB12.

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