Max Verstappen says he will wait until he has driven the upgraded Red Bull before predicting his results in the Singapore Grand Prix as many tip the RB12 as the car to beat this weekend.

Having come close to victory in Singapore last year with the taut but underpowered RB11 package, the more rounded RB12 is expected to be an even more formidable force this year, particularly given its pace at the comparable Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year.

However, Verstappen - who finished eighth for Toro Rosso in Singapore last season despite stalling at the start - is tempering expectations until he has driven the car, which will benefit from an upgraded Renault engine this weekend.

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"At the moment we have good hopes that we can be very competitive, but how well I don't know yet. Hopefully we are very competitive like for example in Monaco.

"Hopefully the upgrade will be positive but we have to wait and see. I am just happy to be here. We know we have a good chance to score good points, so let's get ready

"We have a good chance. I think if you look compared to last year the car definitely improved on our side... wait and see. It is difficult for me to say we will be the number one team because I haven't driven. We will know how good we are tomorrow."

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