Sebastian Vettel insists Ferrari is working hard to get back to winning ways in F1 but maintains it has not endured the 'awful season' perceived by many because it is yet to top the podium in 2016.

A year on from Ferrari's most recent race win in Singapore, Vettel returned to the Marina Bay Circuit facing questions about the Scuderia's performance, which he admits hasn't met lofty expectations in 2016.

However, while he accepts Ferrari is first to admit its own flaws, he played down the suggestion that it has endured an 'awful season' because it is yet to win a race in 2016.

"It's true that we didn't have a great season so far, but it's also true that it's not as an awful season as some people might think it is," he said.

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"Obviously we are critical of ourselves first because we have not achieved what we set out to achieve and we were closing the gap last year, but unfortunately the gap to the top is still there - sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller - but as a matter of fact it is still there. That's exactly what happened.

With the team hit by the exit of technical director James Allison in July and reshuffles behind the scenes, Vettel accepts Ferrari hasn't been quick enough this year but is satisfied it is working '100 per cent' to rectify this.

"Some people have left and some people have come in, but usually that does not make big news. A lot of people have shuffled around and where we started off last year we made it clear where we wanted to go and we wanted to bring Ferrari back to the top.

"Why didn't win a lot of races so far? We weren't quick enough, but are we working on it? 100 percent. And we have confidence that we will win races in the future."

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