Lewis Hamilton insists he is unconcerned by the slimmed points' margin between himself and Nico Rosberg coming into the Singapore Grand Prix after finishing behind his title rival and team-mate in Belgium and Italy.

Though Hamilton was always likely to finish adrift of Rosberg at Spa-Francorchamps by virtue of his back row of the grid position, a fluffed start from pole left him playing catch up at Monza as his Mercedes counterpart eased to second straight win.

Despite this, Hamilton remains unconcerned by the shift in momentum with seven races of the season remaining, choosing instead to focus on the way he has already bridged a 43 point deficit to his team-mate this year.

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"I still have a positive mind. I was 43 points behind at one stage, so I feel pretty good still and we are still leading the championship despite all the engine penalties I've had and not the greatest start in the last race. But the speed is there and I'm still in the lead, so I feel pretty good still."

With a focus on starting procedures once again following the Monza mistake and other poor getaways in 2016, Hamilton remains relaxed about future repeats.

"It's pretty hard to start the races but it has been the same for years. It's just more difficult now in terms of getting a consistent getaway because you're not allowed to have certain feedback you were allowed before - in terms of clutch temperatures - so you don't have that. Sometimes you arrive at it gives you not enough torque, sometimes it gives you too much torque and you're none the wiser - you don't know if it's going to give you more or less.

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"I'm sure the team can explain to you in Monza, but as I told you before I had too much torque than what was predicted."

Admitting to some frustration that bad starts could prove the defining factor in his title campaign, Hamilton accepts it isn't a situation that is likely to change soon regardless.

"I don't specifically like it or dislike it, it is what it is. But would I prefer my clutch not to have those inconsistencies - for sure I would, but that's not going to change anytime soon. If you gauge my season, then the championship may be lost through bad starts, so considering I lost a lot of races I started from pole position right at the start. You do the work all through the weekend and then those two seconds have determined some of the races."

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