Kevin Magnussen says he had hoped Renault would have made a decision by now with regard to its 2017 driver line-up and that he doesn't know why there has been a delay.

Magnussen had expected an announcement to be made in between Monza and the trip to Singapore this weekend, but on Thursday admitted that he was still in the dark about next season and whether or not he will be retained.

"I don't know what is going on behind the scenes. I have read in the press that there has been a delay and that the decision could take a long time," he said ahead round 15 in the 2016 F1 World Championship.

"Yes it is [frustrating]," he added. "I was hoping for a decision between these two races, but clearly it hasn't come and things are taking longer than I had hoped for. Of course it would be nice to just know your future and you'd be a little bit more relaxed if that was the case. But that is not what I have. So, anyway that is how it is.

"We will take it as it comes. It is going to happen in the background anyway. When something is finalised you will know about it."

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Magnussen found himself in a similar position with McLaren in 2014, but added that experience was different.

"The situation at McLaren was in a way easier because I knew or I thought I knew I had the seat [for 2015]. I was told I had the seat and I wasn't so worried until maybe the last two races. So at this point of the season I felt very comfortable. But I don't feel too stressed to be honest."

Reports in his native Denmark had suggested that if Renault doesn't make a decision by the end of September, he will look elsewhere, but Magnussen denied that was correct.

"That is not necessarily true," he confirmed.

"It is not too bad really. I feel quite relaxed about it, even though my future is quite uncertain. I cannot do any more than I am doing. I do my best and if that is not good enough, so be it."

He reiterated, however, that he won't wait forever - as he said in Belgium last month, although then the cut-off seemed to be by September.

"Hopefully there will be a decision at some point otherwise I will take it. I will have to take a decision. I am a racing driver. I need to race and I can't wait around until one week before the first test. That is not an option for me. We will see what happens."

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Meanwhile, Magnussen revealed that Renault team principal Fred Vasseur has said he has been happy with the Dane's form this year, despite some reports to the contrary.

"Yeah, I have asked him [to comment on the job I am doing] and he told me, 'I can't complain'. So whether that is true or not, I don't know. I am doing my best and I feel like I am on top of my game. I don't feel like there is anything more I can do. Whatever it will be, I will look back and say I have done my best.

"Hopefully that is good enough. [As I said] I don't know what is holding back the decision."

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