Pirelli has confirmed it will not race its new tyre construction this season after receiving 'inconsistent feedback' from the teams that trialled the rubber in Spa and Monza.

The Italian tyre firm has developed a new construction of the current specification tyre designed to better withstand the forces and resistance to debris and kerbs, with a view to introducing it into competition for the Malaysian Grand Prix next month.

However, after charging the teams with trialling the tyre during practice sessions in Spa and Monza, inconsistencies in the feedback has forced Pirelli to decide against a 2016 introduction.

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Reiterating that there are no doubts over the safety of the current tyre, the new construction will nonetheless undergo more rigorous track testing by Pirelli itself and be incorporated into the new 2017 specification tyres.

"We analysed the data but unfortunately there was some inconsistency amongst the teams so the feedback was not the same for all the teams," revealed Pirelli's Mario Isola. "So we have decided to keep the current specification to the end of the year.

"I want to reiterate that the current specification is safe, is tested and is not because we have any doubts on the current specification that we wanted to introduce the new prototype, but we feel this concept is something we have to consider 2017 tyres so we will continue to develop the idea for next year's tyres.

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Asked why there were variants in the team feedback, Isola suggested the teams didn't conduct correct back-to-back testing to deliver consistent results.

"Some teams were complaining about a lack of grip or reduced grip compared with the normal soft compound. It is something that is difficult to explain because the compound was exactly the same. We now have the telemetry data from the teams and the feedback from the drivers to better understand why they had this kind of feedback.

"In some cases the tyres were not tested properly, it was not a normal back to back of the current specification of the soft and the prototype, so in that case we don't want to consider this test.

"we want a proper test and we will do it with 2017 tyres comparing the phase against the prototype in the same condition, the same track, the same laps, the same fuel load... this is a proper comparison so we can understand the performance of the tyre."

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