Sergio Perez has been handed an eight-place grid penalty for the Singapore Grand Prix after being punished for two separate infractions during the second phase of qualifying.

The Force India driver was on a hot lap towards the end of Q2 when yellow flags were deployed for Romain Grosjean's crashed Haas at Turn 10 and for Jenson Button's McLaren at Turn 17, which had stopped with a puncture.

On the approach to Turn 10, Perez was judged to have not slowed sufficiently to allow for the caution of the damaged car and he was also punished for overtaking Esteban Gutierrez at Turn 17 whilst marshals were on track to clear the McLaren.

By failing to slow sufficiently, despite having two corners in which to do so, Perez was handed a five-place grid penalty, before receiving a further three drops as punishment for the overtaking Gutierrez's Haas.

Penalty 1 - Failing to slow sufficiently at Turns 9 & 10 (Drop of 5 positions)
"The driver of car 111 failed to reduce his sped significantly and be prepared to change direction or stop as required when the double tallow flags were being waved at both Turns 9 and 10. The Stewards took into consideration the fact that the driver had two corners in which to slow down significantly and failed to do so and both where the damaged car was still in the barriers (including one where the accident had taken place and where the damaged car was still in the barriers) and where the driver would not have known if the track had a hazard wholly or partly blocking the track and/or marshals working on or beside the track."

Penalty 2 - Failing to slow sufficiently at Turns 9 & 10 (Drop of 3 positions)
Car 11 overtook car 21 whilst yellow flags were displayed

Leaving Perez a provisional 18th on the grid, he has also picked up 3 penalty points.

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