Sergio Perez has criticised the decision to drop him eight positions on the grid for the Singapore Grand Prix following two yellow flag infringements after insisting he 'lifted significantly' at the critical moment.

The Mexican was originally set to start tenth but was handed two penalties after qualifying for failing to slow through one yellow flag zone (5 positions) and for overtaking under another yellow flag zone (3 positions). Both offences were committed on the same lap in Q2 but at different corners.

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Dropping him to a provisional 18th on the grid, the Force India driver was upset with the ruling after insisting he did 'lift significantly' through the zone in question.

"I'm disappointed to receive the grid penalty because I did significantly lift off for the yellow flags during Q2," he said.

"Tomorrow's race is going to be very long and the chance of a Safety Car is very high. It's one of those races where just getting to the end gives you a chance of points: anything can happen and we need to make the most of every opportunity."

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX - Qualifying results

Perez's frustration comes after the controversial decision that allowed Nico Rosberg to keep his pole position in the Hungarian Grand Prix after he was able to show he did lift during a yellow flag portion despite going on to set his best lap.

However, the issue sparked debate amongst drivers over the definition of 'lifting off' and whether it is in the spirit of the rules to briefly lift without knowing the full extent of the obstruction ahead.

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