Max Verstappen insists he would have rather found his way past Daniil Kvyat without the aid of team orders after being bottled up behind his Red Bull counterpart during the early stages of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Dutchman started fourth but a woeful start - which triggered a start-line clash between Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz he was lucky to avoid - left him eighth at the end of the opening lap and struggling to make progress.

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Coming up behind Kvyat - who he replaced at Red Bull Racing earlier this season -, Verstappen engaged in a feisty battle with the Toro Rosso driver, resulting in a few tight moments as he attempted to find a way through.

Though a radio call to Kvyat in which he was 'reminded' he was battling Fernando Alonso was seen as a veiled attempt to diffuse the brewing fight between the two Red Bull-backed drivers, Verstappen - who did eventually get through later in the race as different strategies played out - insists he wouldn't support such a call.

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"I don't think that's the order, I think I should get by myself. It was fun, yeah - but unfortunately it was not the positions I wanted to be, but I was able to fight back."

Going on to finish sixth, Verstappen was satisfied with his pace in clear air but says he was too compromised by following other cars much of the race.

"Considering the start we did the best we could to get past. It's just very difficult and as soon as you stay behind for three or four laps and try to get past you just destroy your tyres. Once I got clear air it was fine, I could manage my tyres, but didn't have many clear laps. It was all compromised at the start unfortunately."
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