Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has praised Nico Rosberg for producing what he feels is his 'best' performance in the Singapore Grand Prix since he joined Mercedes.

A year on from Mercedes' struggles around the street circuit, Rosberg largely dominated the 2016 event, qualifying on pole position by half a second before leading the race from start-to-finish.

Indeed, when an aggressive tyre strategy by Red Bull allowed Daniel Ricciardo to make in-roads into his lead in the closing stages, Rosberg overcame an initial projection that suggested the Australian would catch him three laps before the chequered flag to instead keep him at bay all the way to the finish.

A third consecutive win, one that takes Rosberg back to the head of the F1 standings ahead of Lewis Hamilton, though Wolff is certain the ebb and flow of momentum will continue to move back and forth between the two drivers, he feels Rosberg reached a new peak in Singapore.

"I've known Nico since 2013 and that is the best Nico Rosberg I have seen at any weekend since then.

"We have the tendency of talking one up and the other one down, and we have had that for three years since the two of them have been fighting for the championship.

"We have seen those waves and I remember talking about Lewis' momentum a few weeks ago and then suddenly we had this mega Nico weekend and in two weeks we are going to see if that changes or stays the same in Malaysia."

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