Organisers for the Brazilian Grand Prix have reacted 'with surprise' that its round of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship is listed as 'to be confirmed' on the new calendar, insisting it has a firm deal in place until the end of the decade.

The Brazilian Grand Prix has been held at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace - better known as Interlagos - in its current configuration since 1990 but has come in for criticism in recent years from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone for its dated facilities.

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Though the circuit is currently in the midst of an overhaul to bring its facilities up to standard, Ecclestone has previously indicated that the axe could swing because the updates - which include resurfacing and new pit and paddock structures - aren't in line with what was agreed when it deal was signed

It is for this reason that the Brazilian Grand Prix - which is provisionally listed for 12th November 2017 - is believed to only be 'TBC', even if organisers insists it has a deal until 2020.

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"The Brazilian Grand Prix Organization, took notice, with surprise, of the 2017 F1 WC Calendar which shows the race TBC (to be confirmed)," a statement read. "There is a contract in place until 2020 every provision of which will be complied with as it has been for the past 45 years."

Brazil's hopes of retaining its grand prix could be hampered further should Sauber's Felipe Nasr fail to secure a spot on the grid for 2017. With countryman Felipe Massa confirmed as retiring, should Nasr exit F1 too Brazil will have no representative on the grid since 1969.

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The Brazilian Grand Prix was not the only race without a firm place on the calendar, with Canada and Germany also uncertain. Bahrain, however, which had seen its deal run out with the 2016 race is listed as confirmed but will host Round 3 next year, with China now Round 2.

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