Sergio Perez has warned he will begin to look at alternative options for racing in Formula 1 next season if terms cannot be agreed with his '2017 team' before the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Mexican is the highest-placed driver in the 2016 F1 standings yet to have a firm deal in place for the 2017 season, with current team Force India and Renault understood to be competing for his services.

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Though Perez has indicated a decision over which team he is racing for in 2017 has been taken, he has remained coy on whom it will be. Even so, it is understood Perez is likely to stay at Force India subject to an agreement being reached between the team and his sponsors.

It is an agreement, however, that Perez is frustrated hasn't been formally signed yet. Indeed, having hinted he would be ready to announce his plans before the Malaysian Grand Prix, he suggests he will be prepared to open negotiations elsewhere if a deal is not firmed up before 'next week'

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"My deals are quite complicated in regards of my sponsors, [they] obviously have to do the deals first so we must make sure that everything is in place and hopefully they can come into an agreement soon, because if they don't it will be quite difficult," he said.

"At the moment I am just considering one team. There are some other options on the table, quite interesting options but at the moment I hope that it works out with one team and if it doesn't by next week we will have to look something [at] else."
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Despite the deadline, Perez remains confident an announcement is very imminent and insists he is unconcerned by the delay.

"I expect everything will be done by next week. I see no reason why [not] but I am not in a position to confirm anything, because of my past experience nothing has been done, so until it's done and signed then it's really done."

"I'm not worried. I believe that I'm in a good position, thankfully there is a lot of interest out there which makes you feel in a good position, just focusing on the job. At the end of the day if things doesn't work out as you want then you have to look somewhere else. It's not something that bothers me too much."

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