Max Verstappen says he is confident Red Bull have sourced a fix for the start issues that have hampered his results in the last three grands prix.

Poor getaways in the Belgian Grand Prix and the Italia Grand Prix left him forging his way back up the order before a pre-identified clutch problem off the line in the Singapore Grand Prix saw begin badly and inadvertently led to Nico Hulkenberg crashing into the pit-wall.

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Leading to a thorough investigation by Red Bull ahead of this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix, Verstappen says the team has an 'answer' but admits it still needs to be put into practice.

"Of course we try to check everything, and for the moment we have an answer on it. But of course we now have to check it on track to get a more stable clutch.

"[we did] a lot of work after Singapore. One bad start, okay, two starts, it is getting to the limit, but three in a row is not great. I have been on top of it, the team has been on top of it, and hopefully we have fixed it now for this race.
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Told of the problem before he started the Singapore Grand Prix, Verstappen admits it is a strange mind-set going into a race knowing you will begin poorly.

"You try to correct it but it doesn't help. If you go to the start and nobody told you that the clutch has an issue (and) you just do your procedure, you do the start and that's it. But if you come already from two bad starts and they say you will have another difficult start, it is hard.

"It just compromises your whole race. Even in Monza it compromised my race, but there you can still overtake, you have the straights. But in Singapore it is very hard, it is a bit like Monaco, it is all about qualifying and then you do your race."

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