Kevin Magnussen says he cannot understand why Renault has yet to make a decision on its driver line-up for 2017.

An announcement had been due at the start of this month, with Magnussen hoping for news prior to the Singapore Grand Prix two weeks ago. However, as yet nothing has been confirmed.

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Asked if he can understand why Renault is taking its time over its driver line-up, Magnussen replied: "No, I can't understand it. I find it very easy to take a decision. That's it.

"[And] yeah, of course it's frustrating not knowing what you're doing next year. So I want to know as soon as possible."

Magnussen is one of a number of drivers believed to be under consideration, along with team-mate, Jolyon Palmer, as well as Esteban Ocon and the likes of Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez, although the latter two are now expected to remain with their current teams.

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Given he was in a similar position at McLaren in 2014, when he was dropped in the December after his rookie year, Magnussen added the current situation is a worry.

"That's an experience that I don't want to go through again, for sure," he noted ahead of this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix.

"But I don't think I will go through that again, I think there is going to be a decision sooner rather than later."

Meanwhile, Magnussen revealed he has not had any conversations of late with Renault, and that he prefers to do his talking on the track.

"Well I don't feel like I need to say anything. My conversations are when I'm driving, that's what I do.

"I try and drive and do the best possible job on track and let that talk for itself. That's the only thing I feel like I can do. I don't care what's in the contract, as long as it says I'm driving then I'm fine."

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