Romain Grosjean says the way his radio transmissions are fed to the live television broadcasts in F1 isn't a fair reflection of his relationship with Haas and explains it is the heat of the moment when racing.

The Haas driver has been heard over the team radio using expletive-filled outbursts when he's hit problems over recent races, while the new F1 squad suffered its toughest race of the year in Malaysia with a double mechanical retirement.

Grosjean says Haas is still investigating the cause behind his break failure at Sepang but has full faith in the team to battle back at Suzuka, despite the race weekend being a venture into the unknown with the lack of previous car and tyre references at the Japanese track.

"What is hard is to find the right balance between being ready to come to try to win or do your best," Grosjean said. "You are expecting a lot and you want to push the next step. Finding that you are still in the development phase, and not just coming and saying 'oh I'm developing the car and driving slowly'.

"Finding that balance is quite tough, and sometimes I've got the tendency to be too pushy and too passionate, but that's what the guys love. When I crashed the car in qualifying at Singapore I came back and said very sorry it's going to be a long night and they said we don't care, we know you are out there doing 120 per cent and that's what we want to see.

"There's nothing personal when I say the car is bad and so on. It's to put words on the feeling, which is not so easy to do. I'm passionate, I'm not a Finn that is very calm, I'm more a Latin guy. I live for my passion."

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Grosjean admits his passion for the sport can override at times during a race and says he is trying to tone down the outbursts as he believes it is not a true representation on him or his dynamic within the Haas fold.

"Is there a microphone in the middle of a football game, or the tennis court?" he said. "We have a sport where there is a microphone and sometimes I think it's right. Every sport where you are maxed out, adrenaline is at its max and you are focused and into it, then yes."

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