Esteban Gutierrez says he's surprised that Haas are running into problems so late into the season after he lost his front left wheel during the Malaysian GP.

While it's expected any new team entering into a sport will experience teething problems, running into fundamental issues such as a loose wheel towards the end of the year raises alarms.

Not only did Gutierrez's wheel come off in Malaysia, but his teammate Romain Grosjean was also forced into retirement after seven laps when his brakes failed, sending the Frenchman hurtling into the gravel trap as one of his brake discs exploded.

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Speaking in Japan about the unexpected end to his race in Malaysia, Gutierrez was left frustrated with his issue as the team didn't change anything in the car that would have caused the incident.

"It was unexpected, I have to say," said Gutierrez. "I had a lot of things like that at the beginning of the season which obviously you all say and are aware of, and then things got better in a certain part of the season.

"Now it seems that some details are starting to come out which are obviously causing big things. But it's eye-opening for us as a team that we need to keep it up and always look into the details to avoid these things.

"It's still under investigation in detail to understand what caused it. Obviously we know what broke and what went wrong, and the guys are working to understand all the details and to be sure it won't happen again."

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As it's been a difficult past few races for Haas, given Grosjean failed to start the Singapore GP due to a throttle issue, Gutierrez is positive that the problems can be avoided for the rest of the year.

"Obviously it is something that is a bit frustrating but the team is working hard to understand everything," he said. "It's important to focus on the details, for us as a new team there are things that come up all of a sudden. You can't take things for granted and we need to understand these things and we need to do a good job to get a deep understanding."

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