Kevin Magnussen says the recent Renault gains have provided him opportunities to hunt for points and feels delivering on these chances puts him in a good position for the end of 2016 and with one eye on securing a race seat for next year.

The Renault driver grabbed his second points finish of the year with tenth place in Singapore and feels when he can get in the battle for the points positions the RS16 machine has vastly improved over the campaign to enable him to attack rather than merely defend its running position.

Magnussen has scored seven of Renault's eight championship points upon its return to F1 this year and feels if both he and the French manufacturer squeeze all the potential out of every opportunity until the end of the season it ca produce a pace to match the competitive midfield.

"It's a lot more interesting when you can close the gap on people," Magnussen said. "I wasn't really fighting anyone on track because we were struggling to overtake but it's a different feeling when you're catching people and you feel like you're in the race.
"We get an opportunity and we use it really well. We get everything out of that opportunity. In Singapore it was a really good start and some troubles for other people at the start so we gained some, but then actually in Singapore we were faster than that.

"I was P10 after the first corner and I thought we were going to be fighting people from behind but actually I was catching people in front. That was very different, but if you take Russia for example we were in a position where I gained a lot of positions at the beginning and then I was fighting people from behind."

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With Magnussen keen to retain his place in the Renault fold for 2017 the Danish driver appears to be fighting for just one race seat after Nico Hulkenberg was confirmed to be leaving Force India to join the Enstone-based squad.

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Magnussen feels if he can continue to use every opportunity for the remaining races he's confident it will put him in the best-possible position to keep hold of his place for next season.

"Of course it's situations like that make these results which we deliver when we get these opportunities," he said. "So we're just hoping.It feels good but we know we have to deliver when there's an opportunity."

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