Lewis Hamilton has played down his response to media criticisms from Japan as he explains how he uses social media to speak directly to fans ahead of his preparation to claw back points in the F1 world championship battle.

After receiving a backlash for his behaviour in the FIA Thursday drivers' press conference at Suzuka, when Hamilton was using 'Snapchat' on his phone, the Mercedes driver refused to answer questions from the written media after qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The reigning F1 world champion has also reportedly blocked a number of journalists on Twitter while his resolve not to speak to sections of the press was tested when he was requested to attend the FIA Thursday drivers' press conference in Austin.

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Explaining his social media activity during the press conference, Hamilton admitted he was not aware of who specifically had been blocked from his own account but did state he writes everything which is published from all his social media accounts.

"That was something which was brought to me [blocking journalists]," Hamilton said. "I don't actually manage every part of my social media and I have a couple of other people who do. My approach is generally if I see someone talking smack you want to cut it. I flew back from Asia and got a message about it. I don't know who has been blocked or not, I don't have anything to do with it. I think it was a lot of people not just media. It was a blocking spree.

"There are a lot of platforms to keep track of and I can't do every single one so I still have people to help me as it is a big job. Every single thing that is said I can either send it or if it is not the right time to send it I can write it and one of my team will post it when it is the right time."

During the press conference in Suzuka, Hamilton explained how the format had become banal and dry and wanted fans questions become a feature.

Hamilton was asked a 'fan' question from the press about his thoughts on potentially being beaten by Rosberg for the first time in his F1 career, which he reflected on philosophically.

"I will try to take it like a man," he said. "You can't win them all. Look at all the world champions in the past who have won and lost championships, it is part of the game. I am in a position right now where there are still a lot of points available so I will give it everything I've got and believe anything is possible but then I will move on.

"Once it is decided and it happens all I can do is shape the future which is next year. Life will move on, we go into next season and hopefully come back stronger."

Hamilton heads into the United States Grand Prix with a 33-point deficit to Mercedes team-mate Rosberg with four races remaining.

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