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Max Verstappen has bemoaned the decision by the FIA to introduce a new ruling on what is permitted by a driver when defending from a rival, a move seemingly aimed directly at the young Dutchman and

The FIA has come under pressure in recent races to clampdown on what drivers feel is Verstappen's dangerous tendency change line under braking as part of his defence, with Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel in particularly airing their grievances.

With no specific rule against such a tactic, Verstappen is yet to be penalised for controversial defensive moves in Hungary and Belgium against Kimi Raikkonen and on Lewis Hamilton in Japan.

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However, following a heated drivers' briefing on Friday, the FIA has moved to revise the rule, stating that any potential incident stemming from blocking under braking is now subject to a potential investigation by the stewards.

Discussing the new ruling, Verstappen admits 'many were complaining' but while he will accept the FIA's position he feels rivals have overreacted.

"Many people were complaining, so that's the story," he told Sky F1. "I think it is just a new way of racing and I think people need to get used to it, but now they put the rule in so we will have to get on with it."

Despite the rule seen to being aimed at Verstappen specifically, Red Bull Racing team manager Christian Horner played down the impact of the ruling.

"I think they have debated at length in the drivers' briefing and I think they have come up with a clarification as to what is and isn't permissible. As long as it is clear for everybody, I don't really have an issue with that.

"I think Max moved before he started braking last time. If you cannot move under braking, he hadn't braked by that point. Let's see. As with all these things, there will be an area of grey and interpretation. We want the drivers to race each other hard but fair. What we don't want to do is make the drivers think about the rules all the time and not go for the gap."

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