Max Verstappen says he is prepared to stop talking over the radio to limit any broadcasts in which he fears he comes across as 'arrogant'.

The Dutchman, who failed to finish last week's United States Grand Prix after gearbox problems, created a social media storm when he was broadcast declaring 'I am not here to finish fourth' in response to a message from his Red Bull team to ensure his tyres lasted his stint.

Leading some to regard his comments as selfish - or as Verstappen suggested 'sound arrogant' -, he was frustrated that his message in the heat of the moment was aired out of context

Adding that he feels everything he says over the radio is relayed to the feed, Verstappen says he will now consider keeping quiet when he is in the car.

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"I think I am going to take my radio button off! No radio for me anymore...!

"The thing is, all the time I press my radio button it is broadcast and sometimes it sounds a bit arrogant - especially the 'I'm not here to finish fourth' - and that is just what comes up in my mind.

"I am not there to finish fourth at the end of the day, I am there to win as a racer but on the radio it sounds I am arrogant and not listening to the team, but it is not like that

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"As a driver I always want to go forward, I want to win, so I was trying to get past. I did it with Kimi as well because that was like I arrived and got past, but with Nico it didn't really work out.

"I think it is better to just say 'OK... yes' for now. Because it seems like every time I press the button it comes up on TV. That is how it is."

Verstappen isn't the first driver to express his frustration with the way he is portrayed over F1's live feed, with Fernando Alonso also complaining only his criticisms are broadcast.

It comes after teams were initially banned from relaying significant car information over the radio in an effort to delegate more control to the drivers. However, this was scrapped in the summer, partly due to the ensuing blandness of the messages thereafter.

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