Though he refuses to regard his 2016 campaign as a 'good season' until he is winning races, Kimi Raikkonen has revealed 'very small details' have been key to his much improved year with Ferrari.

Whilst he hasn't stepped on the podium since the Austrian Grand Prix back in July, Raikkonen's sheer consistency has kept him relatively level on points with assumed Ferrari 'team leader' Sebastian Vettel for much of the year.

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A noticeable improvement on his 2015 campaign, in which Vettel's three wins saw him end the year with almost double Raikkonen's points' tally, though the Finn refuses to go as far as saying he has had a 'good season' amidst Ferrari's struggle to match Mercedes and a resurgent Red Bull, he reveals changes behind the scenes have done their bit to spur him on.

"The car is new, we had a good car last year also, but there were some changes with the people that we work with and I think they've been very good," he said.

"The guys are very good at what they do, we work very well together, but I don't think there's the one reason why we're doing better. I think the reasons are in the very small details, making sure that they are correct, they're not almost there or roughly there, they're exactly as they should be.

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"To have this mentality pays off because we have a lot of details that can make a difference if they're spot on but if they're not then you are adding a lot of lap time. We work very well together, we understand each other well, we have the same kind of idea of how we want to do stuff.

"It hasn't been such a good season as I want to be at the front and win races, so it's difficult for me to say this has been a good season, but I understand that coming from the last few years this is better, but the end result is not what we want as Ferrari."

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